Golf gauges to fit your needs

Golf gauges to fit your needs

Buy True Blue Loft & Lie w/ Bending Bar

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World Wide Leader in the Manufacturing of Quality Golf Gauges

Club Fitters, Golf Pros, Tour Vans and Top Industry Club Makers rely on our Equipment.

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Twice the machine at half the price!

  • Gauge of the PGA Nationwide Tour

  • Precisely Designed

  • CNC Milled

  • Made and hand assembled in Texas

MR3 Golf Designs is introducing three gauges:

•  MR3 Loft and Lie Gauge
•  True Blue Loft & Lie Gauge
•  4 Degree Putter Gauge
•  Accessories

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They use MR3 Golf Gauges

Top industry club makers, pro shops, and hobbyist around the world use MR3 Golf Gauges for custom fit, you should too!

  • What is the purpose of Loft and lie gauges:

    In a game where consistency is crucial, The MR3 loft and lie gauges are necessary for calibrating clubs as well as fine tuning accuracy for the player.
    Becoming a skilled golfer doesn’t only take pure talent, it takes a custom club and a  machine to hone in on your strengths and maybe pickup some slack for any weaknesses.
    MR3 loft and lie gauges not only fine tune your clubs to your swing, they provide you with the confidence of a consistent reading.
    Through the years we have had the honor of supplying our loft and lie machines on the PGA tour, Nationwide Tour, Champions Tour, and Womens PGA.  Their response continues to be “we can rely on the accuracy of the MR3 products.”
    MR3 originated from R. Laing Mfg., an aircraft company.  R. Laing has been a contractor for the U.S. government for over 30 years. All products by MR3 are manufactured to the highest level of quality when it comes to material and machining.
    As a family owned business, our products, name and reputation are important to us. You can rest assure that we put the same quality control in to our loft and lie gauges as we do in our aircraft parts.